Climategate: ABC Chairman admits Climate Change bias

In this startling development the ABC Chairman Maurice Newman clearly acknowledges the widespread media bias in favor of the Climate Change alarmists.


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  1. The mainstream media, already in very serious trouble before Climategate, really lost it as a result of their terrible handling of this most critical issue. Personally, I’m done completely with them, and I’ve generally disregarded mainstream news sources soon after the release of the Climategate documents, when it become clear that the media was deliberately refusing to cover what has turned out to be history’s biggest fraud. The West was attacked on a broad front. That’s right. Attacked. Not in the traditional sense, by soldiers wearing identifiable uniforms, but by devious and diabolical means. Stealth. Lies. Bullying. Intimidation. Fraud. Criminality. And the mainstream media was a co-conspirator in the fraud. In the coming months and years dozens and probably even hundreds of lawsuits and criminal investigations are going to be very busy dragging participants like Al Gore, NASA, ‘scientists’, and the media before the courts, which will further serve to damage the media. The question is, why would the mainstream media, generally known to be on life-support, choose to knowingly engage in a criminal fraud when they were in such a precarious position? Arrogance? Got away with it before so why not now? Ideology? It was probably a combination of all three. Unfortunately, because of their actions I and many others as well now see the mainstream media as the enemy. Why DID you do it? If you would have only simply stuck to presenting information – all information, without bias, censorship, or manipulation, you might have survived.

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