ClimateGate: Pachauri the Denier

Here is a humorous video we found on the internet which pokes fun at Pachauri’s apparent conflicts of interest and his co-mingling of his TERI operation with the IPCC.

Money, Power, Respect, the key to life…

ClimateGate: Pachauri the Denier

In an interview with The Economist, IPCC/TERI chief Dr. RK Pachauri spins, waffles and makes statements which defy belief. While this is primarily a video blog, this latest nonsense from Pachauri requires fisking and mockery. You can’t make this stuff up.

Dr. Pachauri : To be quite honest and you may not believe it, I really don’t know what my salary is. This is just something that comes to my bank, my chairman set the salary I think two years ago, when there was an increase, and I really have never bothered about it. You might find that difficult to believe, but that’s a fact. I just don’t know what my salary is.

The Economist: Well I do find that slightly difficult to believe, but I’ll take your word on it.

We find that hard to believe as well. This is a man who lives in a mansion with its own private guard in an exclusive neighborhood where the palatial homes sell for around $9 million dollars. Pachauri aggressively denies his massive conflicts of interest in giving advice which directly raises tens millions for his TERI institute and its various branches, and in the face of serious allegations of impropriety he denies even knowing what his salary is? It just appears in his bank account? Ya Right!

The Economist: Isn’t it rather remarkable that you should have this organisation that does not have any procedure for dealing with conflict of interest, regardless of whether there is conflict of interest.

Dr Pachauri: Well, those are UN organisations and they are bound by UN rules, and you know that the IPCC is not a UN organisation, it is an intergovernmental organisation and in that sense we are distinctly different from UNEP and WMO or any of those organisations.

How comforting to know the IPCC has even less rules in place to combat conflict of interest than even the UN, of Oil for Palaces fame. How convenient.

Dr Pachauri: I get my salary from my institute, and in the course of that, which incidentally pre-dates even the formation of the IPCC, I get funds for several things which are done by the institute. I see absolutely no conflict of interest.

I don’t think that there is any conflict whatsoever and I’m not making a single penny myself, since I am a paid employee of my institute. Whatever honorarium I get goes to my institute. I just don’t see what the conflict of interest would be about.

So Pachauri uses his position as Chair of the IPCC to travel the world raising tens of millions of dollars for his institute TERI which pays his salary and expenses, an amount he claims not even to know, is associated with Big Oil, lives like a King  and yet he claims to not receive a single penny? Something is fishy in Denmark


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