Hello world!

Greetings from ClimateGate 2009.

The year 2009 wil be remembered by historians as the date when once of the greatest delusions in modern human history was exposed for all its falsification and belief based fanaticism.

Through the actions of an anonymous wistleblower, we the public, were able to gain a glimpse into the shadowy world of Climate Science distortion and propaganda.

This has led to the incident gaining the status of the WaterGate revelations and thus the name ClimateGate.

Following fast is a city of additional gates;





This video blog will host short videos and opinion pieces that give the viewer insight into this unfolding scandal which has called into serious question the oft repeated assertion the regarding Climate Change, The Science is Settled.

Instead we discover that the Science is Scuttled. Twisted and distorted by activist scientists and enviornmental pressure groups. The resulting damage to true science is vast, and we have seen only the tip of the Iceberg.


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