Climategate: Pachauri denies IPCC errors

IPCC/TERI chairman Rajendra Pachauri denies the existence of additional false data in the IPCC report. Recall how he accused India’s leading Glacier Scientist of “Voodoo Science” when Pachauri was denying the Glaciergate false predictions.

Pachauri denies IPCC errors

Climategate: Prof Watson and Singer debate

The BBC’s Andrew Neil squares off with Professors Robert Watson and Fred Singer to discuss the theory of Mann made Global Warming and the perilous state of the IPCC under Pachauri’s mismanagement.

ClimateGate: Science Under The Microscope

The IPCC has past its sell by date.

The ClimateGate investigation is examined by the BBC’s Radio 5 interview with Dr Richard North, the investigator who uncovered three of the gates revealing false data in the IPCC AR4 report on Climate Change and others.

ClimateGate: Science Under The Microscope

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Update: A partial transcript courtesy of Maurizio at Omniclimate.

ClimateGate: Prof Watson grilled by the BBC

Chief Scientist at the Department for the Environment, Professor Robert Watson is raked over the coals by a well prepared Andrew Neil who has clearly been reading the research by Richard North covered on this video blog.

The importance of this can not be overstated, in recent years the BBC has been the primary media cheerleader for the Global Warming alarmists. How refreshing to see some honesty from the Beeb.

Prof Watson grilled by the BBC

ClimateGate: Exploiting the Children for Propaganda

Children: Make them fear

ClimateGate: Introducing AfricaGate


The Science is Settled Scuttled

Here and here, and now here,video to follow.

Climategate: The News Hour GlacierGate Debate part 2

Part 2

In this Newshour televised debate, researcher Richard North details the results of his investigation into false data in the IPCC AR4 report which has been named GlacierGate. Dr Hasnain made the original false claim and now works for the IPCC/TERI Chairman Pachauri where he has been implicated in grant seeking based upon the data he knew to be wrong but claims he kept silent about it.

ClimateGate: The News Hour GlacierGate Debate

Part 1

Researcher Richard North interviewed on Times Now.

ClimateGate: Pachauri the Denier

Here is a humorous video we found on the internet which pokes fun at Pachauri’s apparent conflicts of interest and his co-mingling of his TERI operation with the IPCC.

Money, Power, Respect, the key to life…

ClimateGate: Pachauri the Denier

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ClimateGate: BBC demands apology from IPCC for blunders

In this BBC report, we see the IPCC representative Chris Field, co-chairman of the working group responsible for the bogus report, express regret for blunders appearing in the IPCC AR4 report. The egregious Chris Field also shows anger and arrogance typical of the warmists in attempting to silence criticism from Professor Roger Pielke Jr. who states for the record that his work had been distorted and misrepresented in the now discredited IPCC AR4 report.

You know the Global Warming hoax is in deep trouble when its chief cheerleader the – BBC – starts to take an honest look at the men behind the curtain.

We will post a link to further analysis of this video once it becomes available.